An Interreligious Art Project

The art project explores the value of spirituality, religions and traditions in our modern lives. What satisfies our longing for identity, what gives us a feeling of security and a sense of belonging?

The artists  Annemarie Matzakow and Maria Cristina Tangorra ask the very private question about the meaning of life. Here and in other cultural areas they research values, convictions, experiences and visions of the future.  What keeps our postmodern world together? Where are we heading?

By 2019, contributions have come together from more than 20 countries, which they write on large book pages and interpret visually. These "Soul Letters" are touching and surprising, inspiring and critical, and they invite a respectful exchange of ideas across cultural and faith boundaries.

Visitors and those interested have the opportunity to contribute their own texts, which are then artistically designed by the project leaders and integrated into the installation.

To participate, please write a short request by e-mail:

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The initiators

Annemarie Matzakow

Annemarie Matzakow studied french and art at the University in Aachen (DE) from 1979 - 1984. Since 1986 she is working as a freelance visual artist in Freiburg.

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Maria Cristina Tangorra

Maria Cristina Tangorra studied architecture in Rome and Milan and art at the Brera Art Academy in Milan.

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Guildford, UK 2019

A statement by Prof. Andrea B. Del Guercio, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Mailand, Italy

Voices of the World is an interactive art project taking in art, culture, science and different religious views.
It is a piece of artistic research which includes participants from across the world and asks them what deep convictions and values they hold dear. Artists Annemarie Matzakow and Maria Cristina Tangorra make the contributions they collect into an installation in words and pictures which invites us to discuss religious beliefs. The enormous potential of this continuing project was recognised during the first phase of the installation in 2017 and has since inspired people all over the world.

The artists and I, as curator, are proud and grateful to have the Archdiocese of Freiburg as our partner and sponsor. Together with international guest artists, art critics and spiritual leaders we want to build bridges between the church and art and between different denominations and religions in Europe and worldwide.

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Tibethaus Freiburg

Upcoming events

Voices of Freiburg

2019 Wohnstift Freiburg
2019 Johanneskirche, im Rahmen der Woche der Stille in Freiburg
2019 Justizvollzugsanstalt Freiburg
2019 Kirche Sankt Martin, Freiburg
2020 Weingut Rebschneckle, Ihringen
2020 Augustinum Seniorenresidenz Freiburg
2020 Kulturwerk T66, Freiburg (Abschlußveranstaltung)

Voices of the World

2019 Museo di Arte Sacra, Camaiore, Lucca, IT
2020 Evangelische Stadtkirche, Karlsruhe